Ad of the Week: Fry Gloves

Our “Ad of the Week” is a perfect example of how great things can happen when you deliver more than the client asked for. The job called for a few ads to refresh McDonald’s Milwaukee Co-Op’s existing “Backer of the Packers Backers” Green Bay Packers sponsorship program, but the team didn’t stop with ads. In addition to delivering the assignment they were asked for, they delivered a number of other out-of-the-box ideas. One in particular: Fry Gloves. Not only did the client love the idea, they bought thousands of pairs of gloves to be handed out at a Packers home game. Gotta hand it to the Milwaukee team. (Get it,hand? They’re gloves?)

McDonald's Fry Gloves
Fry Gloves
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posted on
November 3, 2014
written by
Monica Esposito