Tom Moroch Named DFW-AWM 35th Silver Award of Excellence Recipient

We’re excited to announce the Dallas/Fort Worth affiliate of Alliance for Women in Media (AWM) has named Tom Moroch, founder and principal of Moroch, as the recipient of the 35th annual Silver Award of Excellence Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Silver Award of Excellence Lifetime Achievement Award is presented annually to a media professional in Dallas/Fort Worth who is above reproach both in regard to the hiring and promoting of women and promoting and helping the media business; directly contributes to the community at large; has made a direct, positive impact on the DFW media community; solely represents a commitment to excellence; and whose accomplishments are an example to others in the media and business community.

On November 1, 1981, Tom opened Moroch and  Associates, with  11 people on the team – six women and five men. Three men were in leadership positions, and, equally, three women were in leadership positions. This was the “first signal” of what was to come over the next 36  years (and counting), when it comes to the role of women in Moroch’s journey. Prior to launching Moroch,  Tom led the Dallas operation for a very successful agency based in  Oklahoma,  the Lowe Runkle Company. In 1935, Mr. Runkle managed the Oklahoma City Office for Dallas based Glenn  Advertising. Mr. Runkle approached Mr. Glenn and told him he wanted to start his own agency and dream. Mr. Glenn sold Mr.  Runkle the OKC operation for $1, and coached Mr. Runkle in the early days as an owner. In 1981, Tom approached Mr. Runkle with the same premise and dream. Mr. Runkle sold Tom the Dallas operation of Lowe Runkle for $1. This legacy and DNA of generosity and creating opportunity for others carried forward with Tom throughout the years.

Prior to founding Moroch 36 years ago, Tom served four years in the Criminal Investigation Division of the United States Army and did a tour of duty in Vietnam. He later served as the Director of Field Marketing for Kentucky Fried Chicken before beginning his long-standing partnership with McDonald’s. Since then, Tom has grown the company to an integrated agency serving over 30 brands.

Throughout the years, Tom has been honored by countless industry organizations. He was inducted into the AAF Southwest Advertising Hall of Fame in 2010. Just a few years later, the agency joined Tom as an inductee of the Southwest Advertising Hall of Fame, receiving the organization’s annual “Governor’s Award”. He was also recognized nationally with the Paul Schrage Lifetime Achievement Award and the McDonald’s Larry Zimmerman Legacy Award, both in 2013. In 2017, Dallas 500 named Tom one of “The Most Powerful Business Leaders in Dallas-Fort Worth”.

“Tom, the person, is even more impressive than Tom the marketer. He was always the first to support our Ronald McDonald Houses, our diversity symposiums, or a competing agency in need,” said Ralph Alvarez, Retired President and COO, McDonald’s Corporation. When Tom launched Moroch in 1981, he had only one overarching operating principle that is as present today as it was back then.  “Do the right thing”. While Moroch tries to “do the right thing” in all aspects of business, one very important application is giving back to and supporting the communities that helped make us successful. From 1981 to 2017, Tom and the agency have donated time, talent and treasure to a broad list of beneficiaries. Tom has established charities, served on many Boards of Directors, donated countless hours of volunteering, and created many campaigns for awareness and fundraising. In 2017, Moroch passed the $12 million mark in contributions to more than 100 organizations – $2.9 million in financial contributions and over $9.5 million in services and pro-bono work.

Tom is known for his iconic white suits, which is famously worn to a new business meeting to stand out among the heads of other agencies, all dressed in grey or blue. But when he’s out of the office and out of the suit, he enjoys a good game of golf, cooking a homemade meal, and enjoying the comradery of his family.

In her nomination of Tom Moroch, Claudia Schaefer, Chief Marketing Officer at Jamba Juice, said “There were many guiding principles that I learned from Tom and have taken with me on my career path. Those values including integrity, honesty, remembering your friends, and helping them on their journey, have shaped me into the leader I am today.”

Melinda Yoder, Chief Operations Officer at Moroch, added “Today, for many, hiring and promoting women is a box to check. I never felt that Tom hired me or promoted me because I was a woman. He hired me, promoted me and, furthermore, supported me because he saw me as his equal. His advocacy was never a box to check. It was a foundational belief in equality and doing the right thing.”

The 35th Annual AWM Awards of Excellence Gala recognizing Tom Moroch and top DFW media professionals will be held Thursday, April 5, 2018 at the Dallas Hyatt Regency Hotel at 6:00 PM. For more information about the gala, go to

Alliance of Women in Media is a national, nonprofit organization of men and women who work in the media and allied fields. Founded in 1951 as American Women in Radio and Television, AWM (formerly American Women in Radio and Television) is proud to represent men and women engaged in all aspects of creating high-quality media and related services. AWM harnesses the promise, passion and power of women in all forms of media to empower career development, engage in thought leadership, and drive positive change for our industry and societal progress. 

Press release courtesy of the Alliance for Women in Media.

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Meet our Newest Client – The Taylor Hooton Foundation

We’re thrilled to announce a partnership with our newest client, the Taylor Hooton Foundation. Together, Moroch and the Taylor Hooton Foundation hope to educate the population about the effects of Appearance and Performance Enhancing Substances. Since its inception in 2004, the foundation has reached over one million students and delivers hundreds of educational programs to youth, adult influencers and professionals each year.

“This started as an effort to spread the message that this is a serious and life-threatening issue,” said Donald Hooton, Jr., President of the Taylor Hooton Foundation. “The sad fact is almost two million middle school and high school kids admit to using Appearance and Performance Enhancing Substances, while only 19 percent of adults are aware of the problem. In fact, the majority of students we meet say they’ve never had a coach or adult speak to them about the dangers of these drugs. We’re on a mission to change that and we’re thrilled to have a world-class agency like Moroch help us reach even more people. Together, we can move mountains.”

The foundation was formed in 2004 after Taylor Hooton, a 17-year-old high school athlete from Plano, TX, turned to anabolic steroids. Shortly after his doping became known, Taylor quit using but fell into a deep depression and eventually took his own life. Realizing the need for more advocacy and awareness, Taylor’s family and friends started the foundation and have since partnered with various organizations including Major League Baseball, the National Football League, the National Hockey League and numerous others. Currently, more than 40 professional athletes are members of the Taylor Hooton Foundation’s Advisory Board and All Me League and have pledged to play clean and free of Appearance and Performance Enhancing Substances.

“The fact that one in 16 high school students admit to using steroids and teen girls are the fastest growing group of new users is a scary – and sadly unknown – problem,” said Doug Martin, Chief Client Service and Development Officer at Moroch. “That could easily be one of our kids, a family friend or even our next new employee. The Hooton family took a tragic incident and turned it into a brilliant foundation that is saving hundreds of lives each day.  We’re just honored to help drive that message home.”

For more information or to make a donation online, please visit

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Our Summer Mo(ROCKED)

Every summer, Moroch opens its doors to a new class of interns – students from all over the United States – who are equally as passionate about perfecting their craft as they are about impromptu pizza parties in The Den.

This summer, the Moroch Family of Companies welcomed 23 exceptional interns, 16 in the Dallas office and seven in field offices throughout the country.

Along with the opportunity to learn from some of the best and brightest professionals in the advertising industry at an award winning agency, students were given the opportunity to work on national accounts and learn what it truly means to Be Significant.

There is no typical internship experience at Moroch. Each day is as unique and different as the people who make up this agency, including the interns.

For ten weeks, interns embarked on what would become a journey of self-discovery, learning not only how to navigate agency life, but also gaining valuable skills that they will take and utilize throughout the rest of their careers.

Brand Management interns, Haley Kirby from Texas Tech University and Kaylee Geiser from Texas A&M University, both said the internship has given them ample real world experience and that they’ve learned how to work with a diverse group of people who all have different learning styles.

In addition to gaining valuable interpersonal skills, students also dived head first into real, meaningful agency work for nationally recognized clients.

Shannon Staunton, an Account Services Intern in Milwaukee, WI and student at Marquette University, experienced this first-hand. During her internship, she supported a “Breakfast on the Farm” event where she helped educate consumers about McDonald’s relationship with local Wisconsin farmers.

“This internship has prepared me to act quickly under pressure, tackle new projects, work outside of my comfort zone, and always ask questions,” she said. “Now I know that I definitely want to work at an advertising agency after graduation.”

Other interns like Theresa Threfz, a Midas Intern from Roger Williams University, gained a strong sense of independence while living in Dallas and interning at Moroch.

“Moving from Connecticut truly forced me out of my comfort zone,” Threfz said. “I learned how to live alone, and what it feels like to focus on becoming a better person and professional. I couldn’t have done it without the push from the internship team.”

In addition to weekly intern meet-ups that allowed students to learn more about other departments at Moroch, interns participated in various socials throughout the summer, such as visiting escape rooms and spending time at Top Golf. This helped them learn a truly valuable lesson: “If you aren’t having fun, you’re doing something wrong!”

“The environment is extremely conducive for producing creative work,” said Laura Walsh, a Creative Intern from Southern Methodist University. “Whether we’re kicking around a soccer ball, skateboarding down a hall or going down the slide, it’s nice to be able to take a break and hit the refresh button!”

While every student may not come to Moroch knowing exactly what they hope to achieve post- college, they get exposure to every facet of agency life.

“We’ve learned that sometimes it’s ok not to not know what you want to do as a career,” said Michael Consolo, a Media Intern from Texas Christian University. “Some people don’t find out until much later in life, but that’s why it is so important to take every opportunity you get. This internship was a huge one for me!”

When interns aren’t working on impressive accounts like McDonald’s, Six Flags, Midas, Planet Fitness, Llano Estacado Winery, James Avery Jewelry and more, you can find them exploring everything that Dallas has to offer and documenting it on their personalized Instagram account, @morochstars. The name speaks for itself, and speaks to the electric personalities of the interns who contribute to it.


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Dallas Media Team Helps North Texas Food Bank

Twice a year, our Dallas-based media team hosts a Media Outreach Event. This year, the team volunteered at North Texas Food Bank to help sort, box and bag food for those in need. It was literally tons of fun! In just two short hours, our team filled over 400 boxes with 4,278 pounds of food and drinks. That’s enough to feed over 1,300 families! Thanks again to all who participated.

To learn more about how to get involved with the North Texas Food Bank visit

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Moroch & McDonald’s Win Best of Fiesta Medals Contest

As the city of San Antonio prepares to celebrate Fiesta® 2017, local McDonald’s owners and Moroch are celebrating their victory as the inaugural winner of San Antonio Business Journal’s Best of Fiesta Medals Contest.

Cut into the shape of a sugar skull, which is used in Mexican culture to depict the souls of those who have gone before us, Moroch incorporated McDonald’s most iconic menu items into the design – Big Macs and World Famous French Fries. The vibrant colors so characteristic of Fiesta make the McDonald’s medal truly one of a kind.

Known as the Party with a Purpose®, Fiesta San Antonio began in 1891 as a one-parade event honoring the memory of the heroes of the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto. It has since evolved into one of the nation’s largest festivals and is rich in tradition and history, while also funding scholarships and 25 local community organizations and initiatives.

One of the most unique features of Fiesta is the creation and exchange of Fiesta Medals. From local businesses to individual fans with a passion, Fiesta Medals represent any and all things San Antonio and the craze to collect them begins weeks ahead of Fiesta’s official start date. Now, the Greater San Antonio McDonald’s Owners can say their Fiesta Medal stands out above the rest.

Votes were cast in an online contest held by the San Antonio Business Journal. Final ballots were collected at an event honoring all nominees before the winner was announced. Congratulations to our team and the Greater San Antonio McDonald’s Owners! iViva Fiesta!

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Moroch Wins Governor’s Award

In a wonderful celebration at the Historic Hilton in downtown Fort Worth on April 7, Moroch took home the prestigious AAF Tenth District’s Southwest Advertising Hall of Fame Governor’s Award, the first Dallas agency to receive the honor.

This exclusive award is presented to an advertising agency which, during its years of service, has distinguished itself in three areas: a long history of award-winning work on behalf of its clients, a legacy of contributing to the betterment of the advertising industry, and a continued commitment to charitable volunteer efforts outside the workplace. The honoree’s record of service reflects accomplishments made in the advertising industry in the United States and is located in the four-state area of the Tenth District (Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas).

Congratulations to all of our hardworking Morochians who helped make this possible. Here’s a pat on the back from some of our favorite clients!


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Walk For Wishes Raises More Than $300,000

On Saturday, April 1, Morochians rallied together for Walk For Wishes® DFW, the 12th annual 5K fun walk to benefit Make-A-Wish® North Texas. The event raised a record $300,060.38 to support more than the 650 wishes Make-A-Wish North Texas hopes to grant in 2017 alone.

Special shoutout to our friends at Side Chops for capturing the true spirit of the event in the video above!


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And the winner is…

We’re excited to announce that Moroch took home 15 ADDYS at the 55th Annual AAF Dallas American Advertising Awards. In total, we scored 3 Gold ADDYs, 7 Silver ADDYS and 5 Bronze ADDYS for work ranging from traditional advertising to online/interactive.

These included:


  • McDonald’s (Online/Interactive – Social Media)
  • Cubemates: McDonald’s (Film, Video & Sound – Television Advertising)
  • Breakfast Time: McDonald’s (Film, Video & Sound – Television Advertising)


  • Walk In Our Shoes: Six Flags (Sales & Marketing – Advertising Industry Self-Promotion)
  • Road to College: Wells Fargo (Online/Interactive – Social Media)
  • Morning Auctioneer: McDonald’s (Film, Video & Sound – Radio Advertising)
  • Let’s Go See: Visionworks (Film, Video & Sound – Television Advertising)
  • Labels: McDonald’s (Film, Video & Sound – Television Advertising)
  • All-Nighter: McDonald’s (Film, Video & Sound – Television Advertising)
  • Fantasy Advertising: AAF Dallas (Cross Platform – Advertising Industry Self-Promotion)


  • One Tasty View: McDonald’s (Out-Of-Home & Ambient Media)
  • The Zone: McDonald’s (Film, Video & Sound – Radio Advertising)
  • Packing Up: McDonald’s (Film, Video & Sound – Television Advertising)
  • Slang: McDonald’s (Film, Video & Sound – Television Advertising)
  • Your Stop: McDonald’s (Film, Video & Sound – Television Advertising)

The American Advertising Awards is the largest competition in the advertising industry, receiving over 40,000 entries each year through local AAF Club competitions. Winners of gold and silver awards will move on to the regional ADDY Awards before having the chance to move on to nationals.

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Moroch Announces Two New Creative Directors

We’re excited to announce the promotion of two long-time, award-winning employees to Creative Director. Effective immediately, Candyce Vanterpool and Elijah Farmer will lead the agency’s creative services for 55 McDonald’s Co-ops across the country, as well as multicultural initiatives with partner agency, LimeGreen Moroch.

“We’re thrilled to promote both Candyce and Elijah to Creative Director,” said Kevin Sutton, Executive Creative Director at Moroch. “They consistently produce outstanding work and constantly exceed the expectations of our clients. When we had an opening to lead McDonald’s creative, they were the natural choice and have already hit the ground running.”

Vanterpool and Farmer started at Moroch, an independent, integrated marketing agency based in Dallas,  in 2011 and 2012 respectively, after both studied at the Creative Circus in Atlanta, GA. The creative connection between the two was immediate, working together on nationally-recognized accounts such as McDonald’s, Western Union, Nasher Sculpture Center, Make-A-Wish® North Texas and more.

In 2016, both served on the creative team that received Association of National Advertisers (ANA) Multicultural awards for two broadcast campaigns done on behalf of the McDonald’s brand. Additionally, they’ve received numerous American Advertising Awards (ADDYs) over their careers.

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Planet Fitness Selects Moroch for DFW Media

Moroch is proud to announce it will be the media agency for multiple Planet Fitness (NYSE:PLNT) locations across the southern US, including Dallas-Fort Worth. The Dallas-based full-service independent marketing and communications agency will oversee all aspects of Planet Fitness’ media planning and buying in 12 markets, paying particular attention to lifting the brand’s digital presence in order to support the brand’s local and national expansion plans.

“While Planet Fitness’ members may be all across the board in terms of their experience and comfort level at the club, many of them are digital centric,” said Executive Media Director at Moroch, Matt Powell. “Incorporating digital media into our marketing mix has proven to be a successful approach for our other membership based clients, like Six Flags. Not only does it allow us to bring in new members, but it lets us target consumers who have a high lifetime value.”

Planet Fitness is one of the largest and fastest-growing franchisors and operators of fitness centers in the United States by number of members and locations. As of September 30, 2016, Planet Fitness had more than 8.7 million members and more than 1,200 locations in 47 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Canada, and the Dominican Republic. Effective immediately, Moroch will service Planet Fitness’ Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, El Paso, Harlingen-Weslaco-Brownsville, Houston, North West Arkansas, Sherman, Shreveport, Tulsa, Tyler-Longview, Waco-Temple-Bryan and Wichita Falls-Lawton markets.

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Operation Kindness

Every year, Moroch puts together a holiday card to send to our clients, partners and vendors. This holiday season, we decided to surprise them with the cutest gift of all…puppies.

You see, this video couldn’t have been created without the help of a local organization here in DFW, Operation Kindness, and of course, the puppies. However, these puppies don’t have SAG rights and could honestly use our help.

If you’d like to support Moroch in helping our furry friends, please consider making a donation to Operation Kindness’ Holiday Gift Guide. No amount is too big or too small.

Happy Holidays!

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Green Bay Welcomes Curds and Brats

What’s a great ad campaign worth? A Fortune.

That’s exactly where Moroch’s latest work for the Green Bay Co-Op of McDonald’s ended up. With an impressive write up in Fortune Magazine.

In fact, due to some tenacious PR efforts on behalf of our great creative, Moroch’s campaign for Green Bay has garnered a lot of top spin, including over two million impressions so far with additional pickup on NBC, ABC, WISC, The Capital Times and Deli Market News. You could say it was a resounding success. The media buzz has been amazing.

Here’s the story:

Each year, Moroch is responsible for developing a creative campaign to highlight the local co-op’s partnership with the Green Bay Packers. This year, our Milwaukee team cut was looking to sell cheese curds in Wisconsin.

green bay

This year’s campaign celebrates two of Wisconsin’s favorites: Johnsonville Brats and cheese curds. To ensure that the food was front and center in the creative, we used iconic Packers football sportscaster Wayne Larivee to give the brats and curds their own play-by-play. As always, the campaign was fully immersive, incorporating everything from TV to radio to outdoor to digital to social to restaurant merch (that’s marketing for merchandising).

green bay

As always, it’s a team effort. Congratulations go out to: Ben Rucker, John Shannon, creatives; David Soames and Dustin Taylor, creative directors; Chris Templeton, brand planner; Leeann Wells, broadcast producer; Veronica Morfin, project manager; Andi Conner, print producer. And of course, a huge thanks to our PR team and the go-the-extra-mile team in Milwaukee.

This is truly a win for Moroch and for our client.

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Visionworks ‘Frames’ New York Boroughs

Here at Moroch, our PR team believes in the value of connecting with local community influencers who have worked to gain their audience’s trust. Additionally, developing a customized, targeted program can significantly impact a brand’s reputation and extend its reach far beyond its existing core consumer.

With several new store openings in the area, Visionworks was looking to build brand awareness throughout the New York Boroughs. Moroch developed a campaign focused on three unique customer segments: the fashion-forward millennial, the health-conscious mom and community leadership with local non-profit organizations.

To reach style savvy millennials, Moroch activated five popular New York Borough Instagram influencers who featured fall fashion frame trends. By having these influencers style outfits accessorized with a pair of affordable Visionworks frames, the brand reinforced its position as a leader in the industry and introduced new consumers to its fashion-forward product offering, including many beloved designer brands.

Photo Credit: PrettyProperQuiant

While enticing millennials with sophisticated, yet trendy frames, the team simultaneously worked with health-conscious moms and community leaders at local organizations to raise awareness of the importance of annual eye exams for children, as well as adults. Visionworks teamed up with mommy bloggers and utilized word-of-mouth marketing to increase nominations for children, schools and organizations whose families could not otherwise afford an eye exam and glasses. Through its Let’s Go See program, Visionworks donated nearly 250 vision screenings in the New York Boroughs area, supporting several local children’s organizations, including Children of Promise, NYC, Bronx Connect and the Staten Island YMCA.

Photo Credit: Brooklyn Active Mama

Overall, Moroch’s approach of building and maintaining relationships with influencers in the Boroughs was a tremendous success. Instagram followers increased by 23 percent, average likes per photo by 76 percent and average comments per photo by 25 percent. Additionally, New York Boroughs area nominations for the Let’s Go See initiative increased by 300 percent. Our team looks forward to continuing our work with local influencers across the country as we strive to keep Visionworks top-of-mind for families looking for eye wear and eye care, and supporting the local communities we serve.

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Black Consumers Dominate Mobile

Last week, eMarketer approached Lura Hobbs – President of our sister agency, LimeGreen Moroch – for her thoughts on why black consumers in the US skew higher than other consumers for time spent on their smartphones. According to a recent Nielsen study, the amount of time black consumers in the US spent using apps or the web on a smartphone in an average week grew by 48% between Q2 2015 and Q2 2016, to 12 hours and 27 minutes. In Q2 2016 alone, black consumers outpaced the US average by 46 minutes per week.


Additionally, Nielsen found that in May 2016, black US adults visited an average of 46.9 sites from their smartphone and used an average of 31.5 smartphone apps. Comparatively, total US adults visited 43.8 sites via their smartphones and accessed 27.6 smartphone apps.

However, these statistics did not come as a shock to Lura who said:

“African Americans are mobile first in everything they do. Smart phones are their primary device for making purchases and conducting business. A primary reason for this is because they skew younger and have a more connected mentality. The average age of the African American consumer is 31 while the average age for the General Consumer is 39. It’s been proven that the millennial consumer – especially an African American millennial consumer – is always on the go, therefore mobile must be the primary vehicle for developing brand experiences for that audience. Mobile is where they live and where many marketers fall short is believing mobile is strictly for social use when it’s most definitely not. They concentrate on building brand experiences online but don’t optimize it for mobile. They sink their primary digital media spend in desktop display but not in mobile ads. Simply put, brands will lose money if they don’t put mobile first when targeting African Americans.”

To read more about eMarketer’s insights on this topic, make sure to subscribe to eMarketer PRO and reach the full article here.

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Everything You’ve Learned about Building Brands Via Social Media is Wrong

We know what you’re thinking: “But how could that be? That’s how we’ve always looked at branding, and our brand is doing quite well.”

Therein lies the issue: Yes, that’s how we’ve always looked at branding, but social media and the internet have opened us to a whole new world of advertising.

Brad McCormick, our artistically shaven Chief Digital Officer, is someone who understands the long-held branding techniques – and he understands they’re all wrong. He’s taken both his muttonchops and his advertising chops to the likes of companies such as LEGO, Capital One, Gillette and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (don’t ask him about his time at DHS — the Feds may show up at your doorstep). With almost two decades of experience under his belt and a thorough knowledge of the classic branding principles, Brad can confidently say one thing:

“They’re all hogwash.”

Using Byron Sharp’s How Brands Grow as his main influence, Brad spoke to a group of advertising professionals at the Social Media Breakfast Dallas and dismantled long-held branding assumptions.


Here are a few of the damaging assumptions that we often make in branding:

Assumption: Differentiating our brand from the competition is an absolute must.

Reality: Distinctiveness is vital to branding, not differentiation.

What makes Coke better than Pepsi? Mac better than PC? DC Comics better than Marvel? The answers to all of those questions really aren’t all that important unless they’re branded correctly and unforgettably.

soft drink 2For example, the year 1985 saw Coca-Cola introduce the product “New Coke.” New Coke abandoned the classic contoured bottle (the “hobbleskirt” bottle, as it is officially called) and opted for a straight-sided bottle as the means for setting that particular product apart from Coca-Cola’s other offerings.

According to John Philip Jones’ How to Use Advertising to Build Strong Brands, the decision resulted in successful taste tests but poor sales. for a while, and the curvy glass bottle left the market in exchange for a straight-sided bottle. Coke decided to completely scrap New Coke, but instead of promoting the taste of Classic Coke or the supposed reasons why the contour bottle better, the promotion was based around the contour bottle itself. Coke isn’t necessarily defined by its taste, but by the contoured bottle, the little red can and the polar bears.

Assumption: Price promotions bring in new customers, who then become loyal customers.

Reality: Those new customers will be long gone, and you’ll lose money from your loyal customers.

Theoretically, discounted prices would be incentive enough for non-customers to give your brand a try, but, in quoting Sharp, Brad said, “Price discounting absolutely works, but as soon as the sale goes away, those new buyers go away.”

Additionally, the vast majority of the discounts will be used by loyal customers. Price promotions and coupons are typically distributed through mailing lists and social media, so only those who are already loyal see those promotions. So instead of bringing in more money with new customers, you’ll actually be losing money with your loyal customers

Assumption: Mass marketing is a recipe for disaster.

Reality: Everyone is the potential buyer of everything, so cast a wide net.

Social media and online advertising has enabled advertisers to really focus on who they want to send their targeted messages to, so there’s an emerging belief that mass marketing is dead – that the one-size-fits-all advertising strategy is going to be a huge waste of money – but that’s simply not the truth.

The truth is that most everyone is the potential buyer of everything – really! “If I’m only talking to Coke [drinkers] – and not trying to get Pepsi [drinkers] to come over,” Brad said, “you’re preventing yourself from growing as a brand, so if we cast our nets as wide as we can, we can hit our fans and our non-fans, which will increase our chances of growing.”

In fact, 72% of people who drink Coke said that they also drink Pepsi, so even some of the most ardent fans aren’t quite as loyal as they were once thought to be. “No one’s really loyal to their brand; everyone’s a brand swinger,” Brad claims.

So when we compartmentalize potential consumers as, say, “Coke drinkers” and “Pepsi drinkers,” we isolate and discount an entire group of people and cut off potential growth and market share.

Assumption: Your buyers are a distinct and specific type of person

Reality: Everyone is pretty much like everyone else.

In a study out of the UK during the 1990s, researchers found that people who drove a Range Rover were statistically just as likely to judge people by the car they drove, abhor untidiness, keep up with technology and consider the primary reason for car ownership as means from getting from point A to point B as someone who drove a Chevy Cavalier.

UK Study

So, no matter who you think your target audience may be based on their interests, lifestyles or gender, the vast majority of buyers within your category are going to respond to brand messaging in very similar ways, which, incidentally, lends further proof to the potential effectiveness of mass marketing.

If you can manage to step away from niche groups and see them all as a whole, you’ll be on the road to success.

Assumption: 20% of your buyers are responsible for 80% of your total sales.

Reality: 20% of your buyers are responsible for a little under 60% of your sales.

This is the old business adage that every one of us has heard, but have those statistics actually been verified? Yes, but the results show that less than 60% of total sales are made by 20% of your buyers, not 80%.

Instead of focusing the bulk of your marketing efforts on those 80%, make the efforts to speak to those who aren’t part of your supposed target audience – those who are part of the 20%. It’s going to take a lot more than just a fifth of your buyers to keep your brand afloat, so take steps to reach beyond your Facebook and Twitter followers and invite others to give your brand a try.

What Brad really wants to drive home is that the current marketing assumptions many in the industry hold just aren’t going to cut it. If you want your brand to stand out from all the rest, be weird, be absurd, be unique – be distinctive – to everyone on a massive scale.



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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Throughout October, Moroch employees came together to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a cause that has touched so many of us.

To commemorate the strength and bravery of friends and family who have been impacted by breast cancer, on October 14, Moroch celebrated Pink Day. Not only did our Moroch offices look pretty in pink but we also showed our support through sidewalk tributes and balloon releases. While this day helped spread awareness throughout our company, we knew we wanted to do something more.

The following day, 29 Dallas employees represented Moroch at the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure® and Mike Wexler, Senior Media Investor from our Atlanta office, hosted a benefit concert to raise funds for the cause with his band. Through these efforts, we’re proud to announce that we were able to raise $2,230 in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

With 40,450 estimated breast cancer deaths this year, we know this might seem like a small drop in the bucket, but spreading awareness, donating and supporting local events can make a significant impact in saving the people we love. For more information about breast cancer, please visit

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Moroch Wins Kansas McDonald’s Business

Moroch Partners is proud to announce it has been selected as the advertising agency of record for two new McDonald’s markets: the Northeastern Co-op and the Mid-Kansas Co-op, the latter of which is the largest Co-op in the U.S. in terms of geography.

The Dallas-based full-service independent agency, with a network of over 30 offices in North America, will be responsible for all local marketing and communication efforts – including media, creative, public relations and social media services – for 85 restaurant locations.

“Maintaining a relationship for 35 years takes a lot of hard work. Since 1981, when we won the Dallas-Fort Worth Co-op, a market we still manage today, we’ve been committed to evolving alongside the consumer and consistently bringing new ideas to the table,” said Moroch Partners’ Founder, Tom Moroch. “We’re thrilled to welcome the Mid-Kansas and Northeast Kansas Co-ops to the Moroch family, and look forward to growing with our new partners in these markets.”

When pitching the Mid-Kansas business, Moroch defeated three competing agencies, including the incumbent. Moroch will officially begin work on the Mid-Kansas Co-op business on October 31 with Northeast Kansas beginning shortly thereafter.

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Moroch Turns 35

35 years ago, Tom Moroch and Pat Kempf set out to create the greatest agency this side of the Atlantic, with a knack for throwing epic parties. And earlier this month, we threw our largest one to date when we invited our entire Moroch family – which includes over 500 employees from across 30 North American offices and ten amazing companies – to Dallas to celebrate our 35th anniversary.

This was truly a night we will never forget.

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