Cherri Prince Drops By

President of the Cherri Prince Company
Cherri Prince

Today, as a last minute (but fantastic) surprise, Moroch welcomed brand strategy expert Cherri Prince, President of the Cherri Prince Company, to our Dallas office. Cherri and Moroch have a lot in common, as she recently completed a project for the McDonald’s Corporate Strategic Planning Staff, a client we’ve worked on for over 30 years.

As part of her visit, Cherri walked Morochians through her presentation, “Seven Habits of Insightful People”, which consists of insights derived from her personal brand experiences and examples of brands she admires. With that in mind, she encouraged Morochians to do the following:

  1. Ask Insight-Provoking Questions
  2. Collect Firsthand Experience…Notice the Un-Noticed Details
  3. Remember the Human Inside the Marketer
  4. Step Inside Their Shoes and Into Their Lives
  5. Bring Insights to Life through Exaggeration
  6. Embrace the Power of Storytelling
  7. Look for the Paradoxes and Contradictions

Cherri, former Senior Vice President of the Leo Burnett Company and co-founder of LeoShe, is a leading expert in women’s marketing. She played an influential role in the film “What Women Want” as a consultant, was a senior strategic planner for Kellogg’s for almost 15 years and was the lead on strategic planning for Silk Almond Milk.

Lucky for us, we’re looking forward to welcoming Cherri back later this year when we kick off our Moroch Women’s Speaker Series! Read more about Cherri and her significant work here:

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posted on
September 17, 2014
written by
Monica Esposito