Moroch Participates in Dallas Cable Day

Last week, Executive Media Directors, Matt Powell and Danielle Krauter, had the privilege to take part in the 8th Annual AAF Dallas Cable Day. While Matt moderated, Danielle had the opportunity to sit on a panel with fellow media experts from Time Warner Cable, ESPN and AWE to discuss “The Rebirth of Television: TV Has Gone Digital.”  As discussed on the panel, consumers still spend up to five hours a day watching TV, which is commonly overlooked in our digital world. It doesn’t matter if consumers are viewing programs on a PC, tablet, smart TV, smartphone, Kindle, Roku box, Xbox or an actual TV … television is still more popular than any other activity.

Congratulations to Matt and Danielle for being selected to represent Moroch at Dallas Cable Day among the best in our industry and for continuing to discover new ways to reach consumers as technology continues to evolve!

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posted on
November 20, 2014
written by
Monica Esposito