Moroch Takes Over Local University Classrooms

Last week, Moroch had the opportunity to teach the University of North Texas’ Advertising Media Strategy night class. Matt, Danielle, Shawn and Serge from our media discipline took the class of 90 (after taking a selfie of course) through a McDonald’s/millennial project, sharing case studies and valuable insights that the team themselves developed. Moroch asked the students to brainstorm ideas on the project, giving feedback through text messages so their ideas could be seen in real time on the screen, and then asked them to share their thoughts on the ideas Moroch had. Not only were the students full of creative ideas, but everyone had loads of fun.

In addition to the UNT visit, Andy from our creative discipline spoke to TCU design program students last night about transitioning into the work world after college. The presentation was centered on how to balance work, finances and social lives when taking on your first job out of school. The students welcomed Andy with an awesome header and were a wonderful audience.

As an agency, we look forward to continuing our educational partnerships in the future! If you’re a student looking for internships or full-time positions make sure to check out our career page here.

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posted on
September 18, 2014
written by
Monica Esposito