Morochians of the Month: August

Congratulations to this month’s group of outstanding Morochians! The Morochians of the Month awards program rewards employees who exceed expectations and shine for all of their contributions and efforts each month.

Joseph Salazar 

Account Supervisor, Dallas

When Joseph started working for Moroch in the OKC Office, he was housed in the storage closet due to limited space, but he never once complained and made it work. To this day, Joseph never complains and is always a team player.  Last month, Joseph truly demonstrated how to take ownership of a project when last minute he took over the role of leading the Account Service Learning & Development Boot Camp II. He has absolutely exceeded expectations and has shown his passion for this Agency by working tirelessly to ensure the best Boot Camp ever for our people.  Joseph’s friendship, dedication, leadership, overall training, and development skills that he constantly exhibits are greatly appreciated.  Thank you for taking on the leadership role of developing our people, which ultimately helps to elevate our Agency!

Amanda Gleason

Account Coordinator, Dallas

Amanda joined the team last August and has been outstanding at her job. In the last few months she has shined while working on multiple assignments in true Moroch fashion. Amanda exemplifies the Moroch principle of “constantly look for ways to improve.” Amanda designed and manages the monthly competitive update for her clients, which keeps them informed of all things going on with the target and category. Amanda also supports Moroch shared initiatives including managing the creative elements and project coordination from an account perspective. Taking advantage of her background in our accounting department, we challenged Amanda to help with the billing process which she now also helps with flawlessly on a monthly basis. As you can see, Amanda has brought so much to our team in such a short time. She is a quick learner, strives to go above and beyond and has won the trust of those beyond just our team.

Tanya Leon

Account Coordinator, Teaneck NJ

Tanya has been with Moroch just over a year and has really come into her own over the last few months. As a small town Texas girl moving across the country to work in New Jersey, uprooting had to have been incredibly intimidating, but over the last few months she has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was ready for the challenge. Our office couldn’t run without her. She takes care of everything from ordering office supplies to coordinating meetings in our office. This alone is basically a full time job, but over the last month she has proactively looked at ways to improve the office, making thoughtful suggestions on how we can better service our client. Tanya exemplifies the Moroch value of “respect everyone and everything” and is a tremendous asset to our team!

Jason Price

Sr. Account Executive, Houston

Jason was recently asked to step in for a colleague and to double his work load overseeing 12 motion picture studios and managing day-to-day tasks. If that wasn’t enough of a challenge, he recently was called by one of our studio clients late on a Friday night to facilitate setting up a special screening for a terminally ill young woman. Jason gladly took on the task of purchasing the needed equipment, going to the woman’s home, setting up the equipment, working with the studio to download the content and getting the unfinished film to successfully play. In addition, he facilitated a surprise phone call between the filmmakers and this woman.  Instead of bemoaning the loss of his weekend, he commented that he felt blessed to be a part of it. Jason definitely took ownership of these projects, did what was right and never threw in the towel…and that’s being significant!

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August Morochians of the Month
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posted on
August 7, 2014
written by
Monica Esposito