Morochians of the Month: July

Congratulations to this month’s group of outstanding Morochians! The Morochians of the Month awards program rewards employees who exceed expectations and shine for all of their contributions and efforts each month.

Matthew Longman

Brand Communications Manager, Dallas

Matt is an individual who fully embodies our Morochian beliefs and principles, and continues to exceed our Agency Goals on a day-to-day basis. Since Matt joined Moroch, he immediately accelerated one of our client’s Corporate Communications, securing over $100K in PR coverage in the first quarter alone. Additionally, after quickly stepping into a leadership role on a different client account, Matt secured the Corporate Communications business for another year. This was a considered a huge win for not only the PR department, but the agency as well. Not only has his hard work, camaraderie and dedication to elevating the agency proven that he is a vital asset to the team, but his sense of humor keeps a smile on everyone’s faces, even on our toughest days.

Becky Paredez

Media Billing Accountant, Dallas

Becky has stepped in and taken on additional workload without any issues by working longer hours in order to keep her workload current and maintain our client’s month end deadlines. Becky also came up with and implemented an idea to scan newspaper and magazine invoices onto our document manager which saves not only her, but her team valuable time when pulling backup for clients or simply needing to find and research a particular invoice. Her contributions to the team, rising to the challenge of an additional workload, and finding a solution to an ongoing issue is why Becky makes the perfect Morochian of the Month.

Cheri Rice

Senior Broadcast Negotiator, Atlanta

Cheri is a real media professional. She has solid buying skills and a strong marketing sense. She communicates well with her peers, sales reps and planners. Recently her list has required her to go above and beyond the regular scope of work. Cheri’s response…no problem. Cheri also recently picked up a second market that needed additional support for an event. Cheri was able to not only put together a buy of 10 second spots, but negotiated for one of our vendors to help produce the spot that could be used across stations and across markets. Cheri does all of this with a smile and a cheerful disposition. Cheri consistently provides out of the box thinking and analysis when challenged with providing insight to expand the reach of our brand/promotions with consumers. She challenges our media partners to give us the best placement, added value and ideas at every turn. We value the expertise she brings to Moroch.

Kristen Bergman

Communications Specialist, Springfield

Kristen Bergman has made a true difference in the Ozarks. Living in Springfield, MO she has a plethora of local knowledge and contacts that she leverages for our clients. Kristen shares a passion for putting people first. She coordinated an event where 167 of one of our client’s employees volunteered at schools, children’s homes, camps and local charities for 492 hours.  Kristen has also begun to change perceptions of one of our clients by hiring a local Dietician and educating people on wholesome and balanced choices. She has an infectious positive attitude that is built into everything she does at Moroch. It is difficult to summarize all that she does for her team and clients, but thank you Kristen for being significant.

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July Morochians of the Month
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posted on
July 8, 2014
written by
Monica Esposito