Morochians of the Month: September

Congratulations to this month’s group of outstanding Morochians! The Morochians of the Month awards program rewards employees who exceed expectations and shine for all of their contributions and efforts each month.

Christy Rogge Christy Rogge

Account Supervisor, Dallas

Since joining the account service team, Christy has excelled! There is no task or project too difficult or time consuming—she attacks them all with energy and focus. Christy is a never-say-no employee and exemplifies the Moroch principle “talk about solutions rather than problems.” When her team was short two members, she stepped up to the plate, never complaining or missing a deadline. Outside of her daily client interaction, she has cultivated many new relationships and laid the groundwork for continued success.  We love having Christy on our Moroch team!

Kristin Smith Kristin Smith

Client Relations Specialist, Dallas

In sports, there are numerous behind the scenes positions like the the sixth man, coach, trainer, sales executive or GM that lead to a successful team and season. Kristin Smith is all of these things and more. Kristin recently took the lead in planning and executing one of Moroch’s annual meetings that hosts over 100 people.  From estimating budgets, booking hotel rooms, coordinating food and drink, making copies, managing designs and handling accounting and billing, Kristin exceed expectations and took ownership of this project. Kristin never complains, gets the job done and always has a smile on her face. We truly appreciate Kristin more than she knows and most importantly thank her for keeping us sane during the entire planning and meeting process!

Shannon Dalton Shannon Dalton

Account Executive, Denver

Shannon has been holding down the fort on production in the Rocky Mountain Region. She opened 25 new jobs in a very short timeframe with each consisting of multiple components. Shannon is managing our work, working with clients on changes and approval and making sure the ball never drops. Shannon has also shown interest in digging in and digesting new trainings, taking in the material and work to continue growing her skills and engaging with the team in new ways. Great job and great teamwork Shannon!

Brian Eusebio
Brian Eusebio

Brian Eusebio

Account Coordinator, Milwaukee

Brian has been with us since March and has already managed to make a significant impact on our team. Brian has already demonstrated the Moroch principle of “take ownership” by taking development into his own hands, demanding that he has all of the tools for the job we’ve asked him to do. He has taken over much of the responsibility of our creative production and has stepped up to deliver not just what the client asks for, but the best possible product we can deliver. Brian takes pride and ownership over everything he touches and is always offering new ways to look at things. Thanks Brian!

K. Smith_C. Rogge_B. Eusebio_S. Dalton
September Morochians of the Month
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posted on
September 8, 2014
written by
Monica Esposito